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. >> reporter: it's a high-energy dance workout with strength training. meant to give the superstar stamina for her nonstop concerts. how many days a week do you work out together? >> we work out six days a week. >> reporter: six days? >> if you want to look like that, you have to be consistent. she makes it part of her life. >> reporter: six days a week, two hours a day. cow can do it, too. nicole will take you through madonna's workouts in a video. she says anyone can do it. i'm not sure that means a couch potato like me. >> let me show you two moves. >> reporter: this is called the purpley, one of madonna's favorites. >> we're going to pop the butt back. >> reporter: i may not be joining the tour anytime soon. i'm ready to give the workout a try. here's the ins trags. i want to be madonna from the neck down. while using a chair, how she fires up the gruts and quads. already, i'm behind. this is the warmup? i'm plenty warm. after just ten minute, i'm ready to call it quits. madonna, i'm never going to be you. what keeps the pop star motivate snd who does she listen to? >> we listen to mis
are top stories for you this morning. time is running out if you want to save money on energy star products. today is the last day to take advantage of a tax break on certain alines such as washing machines and refrigerators. the complete list of the items available is on the comp trol are's website and today is the last day. >>> the department of public works close for the president's day holiday. no trash or repsycheing pickup. mda is closed. subways and light rail is roping on weekday schedules. one thing to keep in mind. parking regulations and fees will be in effect. time for a check on your forecast. let's see how the weather looks with lynn yitette charles. >> it's cold and we have had lots of plaints and -- complaints and people saying how cold it is. boppedel up as you head out -- bundle up as you head out and about. lots of sunshine. it won't do much to warm us up. we are wait for the next system to come in. a few clouds 38 degrees and temperatures below averages. going into tomorrow morning we will have a chance for a wintery mix. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic w
. 8:56. i am scott thuman. today is your last chance to maryland's tax-free holiday for energy star products. shoppers will not have to pay sales tax on certain items. alexandria will celebrate presidents' day by holding a george washington day parade. youth organizations are expected to take part in the one mile through old town. 30 p.m.s off at 1: empty roadways. we have not had any big issues. hov restrictions are lifted. 95, 395, 66, 270. beltway in maryland and virginia, looks good. the marc and vre, no service. no back up in the district. >> it is a cold start. at the temperatures. 25 degrees in d.c. 23 degrees at bwi. i will wind-chill's have been .n the sunny skies today. tonight, the clouds move in. 234 degrees. tomorrow, a wintry mix in the morning. it will change into light rain. thank you for watching. be back at noon.
workers. boost investment in infrastructure, manufacturing, and clean energy. b w i marshall airport has set a traffic record. more than 22 million passengers flew through the airport last which is up more than 1%. finally, better news heading town on new york avenue with all lanes open from early morning crash. we have problems right now on metro rail. delays on the yellow, green, and the blue line trains. due to a person struck at the gallery place metro station. they will be doing single tracking for a while. 395 crossing from virginia into d.c., watched the latest near put the gun. we expect delays because of for the evening mmute 37 degrees right now and the cloudy and theme still way down here intohat will make its way the middlerhood by afternoon. cloudy today with rain, 40-46 degrees, a wintry mix tonight no career -- accumulation in d.c. but 1 inch north and west. >> thank you for watching. we will be back at noon. "live with kelly and michael" is next.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)